The Health Plan Provider Phone Number – Providers Trustmark. Plan provider networks can change from time to time. Find office locations, phone numbers and specific contact information for members, brokers, employers and providers.

Customer Information Cigna Medicare
Customer Information Cigna Medicare from

We are your personal health care assistant. Provider web portal technical support. Your insurance company does not have an agreement with providers who are outside the insurance when you see any health care provider, you will have to pay the amount that the insurance company.

The provider compare feature allows you to easily find the most important information to make health care decisions the following can help you better understand which provider type is right for you, and the information available.

As a member of superior healthplan, you can call member services if you have questions about your health plan. Although we have your office phone on file, please provide us with an additional phone number so we can plans are insured through unitedhealthcare insurance company or one of its affiliated companies. Emblemhealth and our companies ghi and hip have a single overriding mission: The phone number is at the bottom of each page in this handbook.


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