How To Squash A Commit / Interactive Rebase Cleaning Up Commits Dev Documentation. Last active dec 16, 2020. To interactively rebase commits, we can follow the below format and enter our command via the.

Squashing Recent Commits As One
Squashing Recent Commits As One from

Let's keep the commit f392171, the one were we added our feature. This prevents confusion as the topic branch itself does not have a commit. You mark a commit as squashable by changing the word pick into squash next to it (or s for brevity, as stated in the.

On this scenario, git wouldn't ask me for a git pull, and i could.

When you are working with git, it's a good idea to commit often, so you can always go back to git provides a way to squash a bunch of your commits using the rebase command. Is there a way to reference the commit before the first one? How do you squash your entire repository down to the first commit? How could i join my 10 commits in a single one?


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