How To Get To Internet Options On Chrome : Get info Here. This will eventually open the ie settings(internet options). Internet explorer has an internet options menu that people use to adjust browser security, the form autofill behavior and other settings to make web browsing safer and more productive.

Sahi Configuration Basic Sahi Pro
Sahi Configuration Basic Sahi Pro from

Open internet options from control panel. Open chrome on your mac or pc. But after the attack i noticed that in the taskbar my google chrome icon had changed to internet i can't change how to open links, the option is greyed out.

Here's how to take back control.

Check out the list below for tricks hidden inside chrome that you really need to be using. You'll know if you get them because they will pop up in the corner you can use this method using chrome on any android device. This tutorial will teach to implement secure proxy. Just look for the lock icon beside the address bar on any website.


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