How To Find My Monthly Internet Usage – Search Answer Here. How much mobile data does netflix use? I was just therefore wondering if i could find out how much gb's i use on average in a month to see if i am paying over the and like i say i use the internet a lot.

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Support Answers Optus from

My usage is close to the limit. I'm considering getting mobile broadband but need to know how much i use to determine which is the best package size to get. Months can be configured to follow billing period.

Learn how to access your data usage history.

Here's how you can check and troubleshoot what (or who) is using your bandwidth across your home network. Learn how to access your data usage history. The next part of my question concerns the various devices in the household, with the idea of finding out which ones are the heavy data users. Your internet provider can show only the overall totals, which.


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