How To Find Coax Cable In Wall : How Do I Set Up My Ps4 With A Lan Cable I Have It Hooked Into The Wall And Into My Ps4 I Noticed The Wall Has A Cat5e Cable And Should. (i really do not want to drap. Use your electric wire detector to find out exactly where the wires run through the walls.

Coaxial Cable Coax Cable Splitters Best Buy
Coaxial Cable Coax Cable Splitters Best Buy from

The coax cable comes through the wall, then into a splitter, and then one signal goes into the tv cable box, and the other goes to the wireless modem (for the computer). My studfinder doesn't pick anything us. Is there something i can buy that will tell me how much signal drop i'm getting?

When it finds the coaxial cable.

If you have lost the coaxial cable in the wall or attic, then you can take help of a coaxial toner probe to trace down the cable. Depending on your cable provider, if the receiver has only a coax output, it is due for replacement. Top 11 questions about coax cable assemblies. 110v power outlets are available inside the house as i can only see coax cable in the living area.


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