How To Clear A Blocked Boiler Flue : Chimney Sweeping A Boiler Flue Youtube. Video shows how sea flush and a shop vac can clear a blocked through hull fitting on a boat. A dirty boiler flue is a fire hazard and keeps the smoke from exiting your house properly.

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How to clear an airlock from the central heating system. Blockages in chimneys occur for a variety of reasons. It was the smell of incomplete combustion that alerted me to a problem.

They are a way for combustion fumes that have been created by your boiler to be released outside the home.

Chimney caps prevent debris from entering the flue from an outside source. Seaweed, jelly fish and shopping bags. The reason you should not use boiling is. I'd like to fill it in because it's unsightly, but in not sure of the best way to do it, as it's a large hole and near a boiler.


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