How To Check Hz Monitor / How To Check Monitors Hertz Refresh Rate Frequency 2 Ways Youtube. Most monitors have a information section in the monitors menu, the one you access with the buttons on the monitor. So you got your new 144hz but not sure if it's setup right to run like that in csgo?

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Set the value to 75 hz or higher, depending on the monitor. Right click your desktop and select 'display settings' then 'display adapter properties', this will open a new page with different tabs, select the tab that says 'monitor' and click on the dropdown box called 'screen refresh rate'. I plan on using it with nvidia 3d vision later on, but i obviously, if i set it to 120hz i can't notice any visual difference compared to 60hz.

I just purchased a dell p2175q monitor for my 15 mbp w/touchbar.

If it's a crt, you'll need to check your manual or google your model number, but if it's an lcd, it should be sixty hertz. If the result is 60.00 hz for your display, then the web browser requestanimationframe() may not be synchronized to vsync (web browsers use. In the default monitor properties box, click the monitor tab. Wait at least 30 seconds for an accurate measurement.


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