Does Sharing Wifi Slow Down Internet Speed – Get info Here. When my phone connects to my wifi it slows internet speed for all other connected devices, even if it isn't downloading anything. Sometimes corrupt network drivers can lead to slow internet speed on that specific pc.

Using A Vpn Slows Down Internet Vpn Speed Explained Cactusvpn
Using A Vpn Slows Down Internet Vpn Speed Explained Cactusvpn from

If your wifi connection is slow on your laptop, first shut down programs or devices that consume how can i fix the slow wifi speed on my laptop? How to check if your router is slowing your internet down. Do you have a slow router?

Your internet connection has a sustained advertised speed and because two pcs (your mac and the windows pc) are both getting internet service from one service provider they will indeed slow each other down as they both get their connection from the same source.

I've also tethered to my cell phone which is 4g, and i get approx 25/15, which approximately matches speed. How can i make it faster. It may be tempting to call your internet service provider and vent to a representative about the issue. This fixed my issues however i apologize if it does not help you out.


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