Can You Use Chromecast With Internet Explorer – View info here. Open your ie (internet explorer) 2. Chromecast is not supported on ie or any other browser except chrome.

Chromecast For Windows 10 How To Download Setup
Chromecast For Windows 10 How To Download Setup from

You can use a chromecast to beam any display of your mobile screen to the tv screen through this mirroring function. You can use your own photos, or choose from google's selection of art, landscape. You now have a second screen.

So you bought a chromecast and are wondering how you can get video content from your pc's web browser onto your tv?

You can use chromecast to magically turn on your tv, stream locally stored video to your tv, mirror websites, and more. Open your ie (internet explorer) 2. The router will create a hotspot and your chromecast will connect to it even if no internet is available. The chromecast with google tv has 6,500 android tv apps for you to use, so you're not just relying on chromecast support.


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