Can I Remove Internet Explorer From My Pc : Find Here. Alternatively, you can use powershell to remove internet explorer 11 from windows 10. Now you can set your firefox as the default.

Windows 7 Lets You Remove Internet Explorer 8
Windows 7 Lets You Remove Internet Explorer 8 from

This video is for all those who have been wondering how to uninstall internet explorer on their windows 8 or windows 7 pc. Removing internet explorer it's not possible, but you must use it to download chrome, after that you can set it as default explorer and forget about ie. I am not sure if it is relevant, but after i installed ie 11 on my pc yesterday morning, i cannot use remote desktop to.

I know, i could just ignore it or disable it, but i try to remove things from my system that i don't want there.

Then i run some registry cleaning tools to remove all references to ie in registry. In the windows features box, uncheck internet explorer to remove internet explorer. You can then uncheck internet explorer then click next until its done. Is internet explorer only unstable?


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